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Kindred Services for expatriates or schools as well as companies that hire expatriates.

Having over 15 years of experience in the process of documents for expatriates  enable us to provide a reliable document service for expatriates living and/or working in Indonesia.

We fully understand the challenges that the companies or expatriates experience when processing the documents. This can be due to the language barrier or the differences of how bureaucracy works.

We have developed a good working relationship with government officials to ensure that our service is effective and efficient.

Below are our services :

  1. RPTKA (Expatriate placement plan from the Ministry of Manpower )
  2. TA-01 (Work Recommendation from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) or Ministry of Manpower. )
  3. VITAS (Limited Stay Visa from the Ministry of Justice & Human Right- Director General of Immigration. )
  4. KITAS (Temporary stay permit from the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights – Director General of Immigration.)
  5. POA (blue book from the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights – Director General of Immigration.)
  6. IMTA (Expatriate work permit  or Red book from the Ministry of Manpower.)
  7. SKPPS (Certificate of Registration Temporary Resident from Provincial office for Resident Affairs.)
  8. STM (Report Certificate from the Regional Resort Police Station.)
  9. LAPOR KEBERADAAN ( Report of Expatriate Availability from the Regional Department of Manpower.)
  10. MERP- optional (Multiple Exit Re-entry from the Regional Immigration office (extended every six months).)
  11. Final Departure or EPO (Exit Permit Only)
  12. Visa Extensions

For more details of our services , please kindly contact :

Gusti : 089623232379 or send email to : Kindredteachabroad@gmail.com and write on the subject : Kindred Document service.

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